Released on January 20, 2022!

“The excellent characters, smooth pacing, and surreal imagery were a delight… a must-read for those who enjoy [eldritch horror] fantasy.” -Fantasy-Faction

Reality is an uncertain thing. It shifts and warps without the taming yoke of human agreement to bind it in place, especially near the twisting chaos that is Nightmare. As Keeper of Days for a band of pirates, Teivi Nishiir maintains the log of the sand ship Uncertainty, holding back the world’s insidious influence by recording the crew’s deeds. She knows the cruelty of the desert. She has sailed into Nightmare and sung her defiance to the corrupting aberrations that make the boldest pirate hunters balk. 

But even Nightmare is nothing beside a comrade’s betrayal. 

A deadly secret lurks among the Uncertainty’s latest plunder, one that pirates and kings alike will kill for. With the Uncertainty thrown into chaos, fleeing friends and dodging fleets, Teivi’s quill won’t be enough to keep her crew from a sandy grave. If she can stay one step ahead, she might have a chance to achieve everything she’s ever dreamed of. So long as she’s willing to pay the price in blood.